About us

Company History and Vision


    Sunwide Technology Company is a privately held company  in Hong Kong with offices and subsidiary in Hong Kong, Germany and South Africa.  This will act as the mother company for the below companies


Sunwide South Africa Trading cc                                              since 1997 (based in South Africa)

Sunwide Technology Company  陽逸科技公司                     since 2004 (based in Hong Kong)

Sunwide Solar Limited                                                                   since 2010 (based in Hong Kong, China and South Africa)


We commenced in 1997 as Sunwide Trading cc, trading in Hong Kong, China and South Africa.  In order to expand our business in IT, a consulting company Sunwide Technology Company was formed to provide IT services to businesses in Hong Kong.  With subsequent successes, it was deemed necessary to further entrench our presence in the Hong Kong market thus .  Over the past few years Sunwide Technology has grown rapidly, significantly expanding our clientele and services. 


In 2010, we form Sunwide Solar Limited which focus on Solar technology products. Out Research & Development team are located in Fushan China and Sales offices in South Africa and Brazil.


    In today’s highly competitive business environment, we strongly believe your company requires a technology capability that is fully aligned with your business objectives.  Our aim is to deliver improvement in the way our customers utilizes technology and consequently, maximizing their returns from those investments.  Please contact Innoxus to find out how we assist businesses to realize their goals by leveraging technologies that are most suited to each specific organization.



陽逸集團在1997年成立於南非,初期從事中.港及南非貿易業務.於1998年,業務擴充至電腦科技而我們香港開設網域顧問公司提供資訊科技顧問服務. 成功香港發展資訊科技業務. 為進一步擴充業務, 我們成立陽逸科技公司.