Sunwide Technology



Server Solution

Most of the companies still had not implement centralize server solution. This provide cost saving and better data management to the company. We can design the best server solution for your company at a very low cost. This include central file and print server, mail server, web server, database and application server. We have certified professional engineer on Microsoft, SUN Micro System and Linux server platform.


PC Solution

Most of the companies upgraded or replaced their computer equipment in Year 2000. This is because to get compliance with the Y2K bug.  It has been over 4 years since then and most of the computer equipment needs to be upgraded or replaced to code with the existing world.

With the cost of hardware and software decrease over the past years, upgrade cost should be far lower than the maintenance cost over these old hardware.  Please contact us and we can provide you with the most cost saving upgrade plan in the market.


Software Solution

As research told us that there are still lots of company using illegal software, this actually creates lot of other problems because most of the illegal software are full of bugs.  It is very easy to get attack from virus and hackers and sometimes even break down the whole Operating System or affect other computers on the network.  This creates a big amount on business lost and we don't think your company will like that.  Please let us plan for your company on software purchase.


Network Solution

Having a network in the company will increase productivity but also increase the risk on virus and hackers attack.  We design the most suitable network for your company (wireless, 10/100 Base T or 1G) and take into account the security on your network and we provide Firewall solution both on hardware or software platform.


 IT / Helpdesk outsource

With the change of today's business model, most of the companies will outsource certain functions to reduce cost.  With us, we provide this kind of outsource services. You can join our maintenance contract plan, which we will assign a Technical Engineer to visit on a schedule bases.  Or if you think this is not suitable to your company, we can contract out a support staff to be full time to station at your company to as IT support.  We will provide other backup services like training, services review and after office hours support.


Let us find the right IT support for your company.